Chicken Corn Soup- Full of taste and comfort!

Heya!!! I am super excited today.

Why??? Because this is my first post on my first love.

Yesss…It’s food. A bong’s (Bengali, in case anyone really can’t follow) relation with food is more an emotional one rather than a physiological one. And being a true bong, a large part of my me-time goes into thinking of food, cooking, eating and repeat. 😀


However, this recipe is not something that needs loads of planning and cooking. Rather it’s very easy to make and my comfort food – comfortable to make and comfortable on stomach. This dish is so dear to me that I couldn’t think of anything else to begin my food blogging. So let’s get started.

Before moving further, some important pointers:

1. The cup used for measurement holds 250 ml of liquid.
2. I have prepared the soup that could serve 6. Adjust the quantity of the ingredients according to your requirement.
3. The recipe is really flexible, increase/decrease the ingredients as per your taste and you definitely need not match the quantity to every fraction.
4. You may totally skip the egg.
5. You may skip the chicken as well and make a veg version. But I personally doesn’t enjoy total veg food.

Said enough, quickly on to the ingredient list.


O wow, so that’s a quick sneak-peak!

Ok! Listing down:

Cabbage (shredded)- 1 cup (tightly packed)
Carrot (grated with a big holed grater)- 1/2 cup (tightly packed)
Capsicum– 1 medium size, tiny cubed
Sweet Corn– 1 & 1/2 cup (frozen or freshly cobbed, I used frozen)
Garlic– 2 tbsp (I love strong garlic flavor, adjust as per your liking)

Chicken– 400 gm (boneless, soup size pieces)
Egg– 2

Salt– 4 tsp heaped (adjust as per taste)
Sugar– 2 tsp (You may choose to skip this, but kindly don’t use artificial sweeteners)
Black Pepper powder– 2 tsp heaped (adjust as per taste)

Balsamic/Apple Cider Vinegar– 2/3 tbsp (as per taste)
Soya sauce– 1 tbsp
Cornflour– 3 tbsp (Adjust according to how thick you like your soup)

Water– 1.5 l (Adjust according to your quantity, you may use chicken/vegetable stock)
Vegetable oil– 2 tbsp (I used rice bran oil)

See, most of the ingredients are already sitting on your kitchen. About preparing the veggies and chicken, they won’t take more than, say 15 min. And if you are staying in big city, you can just pickup the readily done veggies and soup-pieced chickens from the supermarket shelves. Though I suggest chopping the veggies fresh at home. Take your own call as per your situation. After all this preparation is supposed to be comfy and quick cooking one.

So now pull up your cooking sleeves.

1. Marinate the chicken in 1/2 teaspoon vinegar, salt and pepper for 10 min.

2. Take a deep-bottom pan, enough to hold 2 litres of water in case you are cooking my quantity, or choose one according to your quantity.

3. Heat oil in the pan and add garlic. Saute the garlic till flavor comes (it need not get brown). Add chicken and mix. Cook till the chicken gives out water and no more pink.


4. Add all the veggies. If you are using frozen corn, do not add it at this time. But in case you are using freshly cobbed corns, go ahead and add them with other veggies.

5. Add salt, pepper and sugar. Mix well and add the entire water. Cover and let it come to boil.

6. If using frozen corn, add them once the soup starts boiling. Cover and let it boil for 10-15 min.


7. Add soya sauce and vinegar. Boil for another 5 min.

8. Add beaten egg, if using. The egg will coagulate on coming in contact with the hot liquid, so keep on stirring the soup while pouring the egg to avoid large lump.


9. Let the soup boil in medium heat for another 1-2 min. Check for seasoning. Adjust if required.

10. Mix cornflour in enough water and pour in slowly while stirring the soup. Let the soup boil for another 5-7 min, till it is thick enough to your liking.


And you are done. Serve with chilli vinegar. To add carb to the meal, pair it with toasted breads.

Hope you liked the recipe. Do give it a try and lemme know how it turned out and whether you liked it or not.

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Have a nice day! Byeee!!


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