Nykaa So Matte! Naughty N*de (11M) – Review

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Today I will be reviewing a lip color from the brand Nykaa. This post is more on demand of a good friend and I am thoroughly glad for such request.


Brand- Very quickly some words on the brand Nykaa. Nykaa is into lippies since last year, November. And within this very short time period, they have already launched three ranges- So Matte Collection which has about 24-25 colors, Paintstix with about 12-15 shades and very recently Matteilicious lip crayons which currently has only 4 shades. Nykaa lipsticks are cruelty-free and another thing which I must mention is that the expiry of these lipsticks are very vividly written in the body of the tube or crayons and yes, that’s quite trust-winning from my side. These lipstick are available in Nykaa online store.

I have tried one shade each from So Matte range and Matteilicious range. I haven’t yet grabbed any from Paintstix. For today, my shade is Naughty N*de from the So Matte Collection. Check out the hand swatch.


Price– 399 INR

Quantity– 4.2 g

Packaging– The lippie comes in a very cute pinkish hard paper box that contains quite every possible information regarding the product. The lipstick itself has a very stylish and luxe matte-black square tube with magnetic closure. Lookwise, it is very elegant. The magnetic closure ensures that the cover doesn’t slide out, however, they keep rotating in place if applied a little pressure. So while keeping in purse, it is better to keep in small compartment such that you can get it easily and need not rummage the purse, because it may get opened, I am not very sure. It has a color-coded sticker at the bottom now which gives the shade name and number very clearly but previously these were not color-coded (as I came to know from the other bloggers). As I have already mentioned, the expiry date is vividly written even in this black tube with same black glossy print (please look for it once, then you will know).

Company claims– The company says, “This long lasting texture gives you pout-worthy lips in one stroke. It effortlessly glides on you lips, giving you a gorgeous soft matte finish”. So coming one by one, yes it is opaque in a single stroke, also it glides very smoothly. However I am not very sure if it can be called as matte, because it gives quite a healthy sheen. Let’s discuss more about it in next pointer.

Formula– So yes, the formula is very creamy and glides like a silk on the lips. At no point, it dries out the lips but also it’s not moisturizing (even the company is not claiming so). The color is opaque in a single stroke and evens out my slightly patchy lips totally giving it is nice healthy sheen. The color is quite blot-able, it only gives up the sheen and very little color to the tissue going completely matte. I, however, is not much a flat-matte lover, so for me it is the just right formula giving a slight healthy glow to the lips. The color is quite long-lasting, it lasted on me for about 5 hours (with light snacking) and fades evenly leaving a nice uniform tint. You may even reapply if needed and it doesn’t give a cakey feel on reapplication. It does transfer but reasonably just a very little. The lippie is enriched with Vitamin E but it is not paraben free.


Smell and taste: The lippie has a very faint cosmetic smell on bullet but disappears on application. It has no taste.

Shade– Naughty N*de is really a very unique shade and I think it will look different on different skin tones. In the bullet it is more an earthy brown color. Applying on my lips (on fairer side, yellow-toned skin), it came out as a peachy n*de color, something a very nice mix of peach and brown. In more fairer cool-toned skin it may give a pinkish hue as well, and on more darker tones, it may look more on orange. The color is very flattering across skin-tones.



1. Non-drying and very comfortable to wear

2. Very reasonably priced

3. Lasts for a good time on lips

4. This particular shade is very unique and flattering.

5. Cruelty-free

6. Wide choice of color in the range.

7. Very clearly mentioned expiry date


1. Not free of paraben therefore better to avoid sun as much as possible

My Take- I love this shade as well as the formula. The shade is giving a nice warmth to my face and my lips are looking healthy for the slight sheen it is giving. It’s kinda very got-a-go lippie for me when I have to get ready in hurry and doesn’t have time to prep my lips. It doesn’t settle into lines and doesn’t dry out the lips. I can see myself getting some more from the range definitely. This is how the color looks on me:


Have you tried any from the range? Do share with us in the comment box below!

Check out the swatch of another shade from this range- Irish Coffee (18M)

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